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The Forgotten Acne Factor

When it comes to controlling acne, there’s one factor that is often forgotten: hair. Acne sufferers — and even those who experience infrequent breakouts or occasional minor blemishes — are generally conscious of what they allow to come in contact with the affected area of skin, and thus make careful choices about the acne-fighting products they use to treat these areas.

Yet acne sufferers are largely unaware of the acne-aggravating potential of products applied to the scalp and hair. Use of greasy or heavy treatments such as pomades, oils, and hair spray may come with serious skin-related consequences. Hair care – shampoo, conditioner, gel, mousse, wax, etc. – is not applied directly or intentionally to the face or other acne-prone areas of the body, but still has the power to greatly contribute to acne problems.

Hair Care Can Be the Cause of Your Acne

How? Acne is caused by the accumulation of excess sebum (oil that our bodies produce), skin cells, and bacteria, and can appear in many different forms including blackheads, whiteheads, and more severe manifestations such as cystic acne. Hair care products can exacerbate overproduction by the sebaceous glands, triggering further imbalance or clogging pores, contributing to the creation of new acne or inflammation of existing breakouts. The neck, around the ears, on the jaw line, the chest, the back, and the entire face are potential areas where breakouts can be triggered or worsened.

Though you may be careful not to apply hair care products close to your hairline, the truth is that some of what is put onto hair ultimately ends up on the face. There are several ways this inevitable and unavoidable transfer of product occurs:

  1. Product "runs" down in the shower, or throughout the course of the day
  2. During application (esp. sprays)
  3. Hair is touched by hands, and then subsequently hands touch the skin
  4. Hair lies on skin (even hair near the skin can aggravate acne)
  5. There are dangerous oils from hair care products and acne-causing bacteria that are transferred back and forth from your hair to your pillow case to your face and surrounding areas. When your face, neck, back and chest lie against these oils, it greatly increases the risk of acne.

Thus, when hair is cleansed, treated, or styled with products that contain certain pore-clogging oils and acne-aggravating ingredients, many acne sufferers experience an increase in frequency and severity of their breakouts. Kairos products like Clarifying Complexion-Clearing Shampoo don't contain these harmful ingredients.

In addition, a secondary problem created by some hair care products is an increase in the scalp’s natural sebum that ultimately leads to an overabundance of oil and potential acne to the surrounding areas of the face, neck, chest, and back.

Not only can hair products create and add to acne problems, but as Dermatologists and Dermatology Health Care Professionals have known for some time, they can also interfere with OTC and doctor-prescribed treatment programs, hindering optimum results and acting as a catalyst for continuation of the acne cycle. Yet until now, acne sufferers have simply been instructed to use no hair care product, or as little hair care product as necessary, without product options designed specifically for their needs. Thanks to Kairos, there are several different kinds of hair care products that acne sufferers can use without having to worry, like the Oil-Reducing Pore-Perfect Treatment, Soft Control Clear Style Hair Gel and Spiking Clear Style Hair Glue.

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Acne Causes, Care, and Prevention


Acne is a skin condition caused by changes in the hair follicle and sebaceous glands. When the pores or follicles become clogged with excess oil, bacteria can become trapped and cause inflammation of the surrounding area. This process can result in different types of acne depending on the degree of inflammation and infection. That is why some people have blackheads vs whiteheads vs cystic acne, etc. Many people have a combination of all different types of acne.

Acne Causes

Many different causes of acne exist, and no one knows for sure why some people have it worse than others; however, there are some known causes that contribute to acne:

  1. Family/Genetic history
  2. Hormones
  3. Stress
  4. Steroids
  5. Environmental
  6. Drugs

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Acne Care
Acne care

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