Kairos is a Greek word meaning "where time and destiny meet." It is "the right or opportune time," or "when something special happens"… at the right moment, and the right way.

To Catherine Parker, MSN, NP and Doreen Campbell, RN, founders and creators of Kairos Acne Care Solutions, Kairos is where clear skin and healthy hair meet.

How Kairos began…


Catherine’s experience:

I’ve been an acne patient my entire life. It isn’t something you realize right away, but it became clear to me over time that my breakouts increased – sometimes on my face, neck, back, or even on my scalp – when I used certain shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. I became completely frustrated that there were no options available that wouldn’t contribute to my acne problems, but that would still give me the hair care and styling possibilities I wanted! I was literally forced to choose between great hair or great skin.
Doreen’s experience:

I first became aware of the link between hair products and acne years ago when my son was a teenager, and went through a time of increased breakouts. We’d tried every treatment option available to us, but to no avail. Between the extra oil his scalp produced during rigorous sports activities and the ingredients in his hair gel, we just couldn’t get his acne under control. The dermatologist suggested that we "just shave his head" so we "wouldn’t have to worry about it." I remember wondering what options he’d give to girls!

Their experiences, plus over 20 years of service in the health care profession, merged fatefully when Catherine and Doreen met and began working together over 5 years ago, specializing in treating patients with some of the most severe and stubborn acne cases in the field of dermatology. They easily saw 15-20 acne patients per day that were left with permanent scarring secondary to the acne, largely caused by hair care products! They realized how devastating and widespread the problem truly is. Acne sufferers were forced to choose between healthy hair and clear skin, with no alternatives.

It is for this reason that Catherine and Doreen developed a new approach to acne management, the first-ever hair care system formulated to combat the acne-causing factors linked to hair and hair products. Kairos was created specifically for anyone who suffers from acne, clogged pores, or extra oily skin and scalp. The Kairos Acne Care Solutions Hair System provides salon-quality hair results without the acne-irritating aftermath for skin.

Kairos – where healthy hair and clear skin meet.