As a spa owner, you should be interested in learning how to properly maintain your spa clean and healthy at all times. The tips below should help you find out how to do things the right way even though you are not a pool or spa specialist.

General Maintenance Tips For Spas

Start by checking the pH value of the water n your spa. It should be somewhere in between 7.2 and 7.8, with 7.4 as the best pH for the eyes. The levels of chlorine and bromine should be between 1 and 5 ppm. These values need to directly depend on the type of sanitizer you will decide to use. In terms of calcium, its hardness should be in the 125-400 ppm range. Its alkalinity needs to be no higher than 189 ppm.

Make Full Use Of Test Strips

It is recommended to use test strips for your spa at least twice a week so you can accurately determine the right levels of chemicals in the water. You will get to adjust them at all times by using the helpful charts on the contained of the strip. Professionals also recommend you use the eco-mode if possible and make sure you turn the thermometer up 30 minutes before you decide to jump in. Turn the spa on, take a shower, check out the latest New York lotto numbers and hop in.

This way, you will manage to enjoy a fine temperature between 101°F and 104°F. You will also get to save a great deal on your future energy bills. The hot tub cover needs conditioning at least once a month so you can help it live longer and provide protection against UV rays. The water in your spa needs to be changed every three up to six months the most. This depends on how often you are actually using your spa.